What to expect…

So you’re thinking about opening an elements brand franchise? There are countless tools available to you through our organization to help you get started.

Begin by attending one of our dynamic business seminars offered by elements Founder and CEO, Chris Polumbo. Here you’ll learn all about the history of our organization, the dynamic turn-key solutions provided to you to support your business, and the financial accolades that an entrepreneur with the right commitment to success will experience!

Here’s our process

After you submit one of our Business Opportunities forms, one of our Senior Sales team members will reach out to you to explore your level of interest and answer any questions you may have. You will then be invited to experience one of our high-level business seminars. After this, you will begin the financial approval process. All elements brand potential franchise operators must be carefully vetted to ensure that they are positioned for success and to represent and carry on the integrity of any elements franchise brand.

Once all qualifications have been passed and a contract is in place, our opening support team will begin to guide entrepreneurs through the process of location selection, build out, and of course your exciting grand opening!

You will be supported throughout the entire duration of owning and operating your business with elements corporate team to ensure successful growth and continuous growth of national brand presence.

*Master, regional franchising opportunities are currently available for select candidates.


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