Benefits of the HydroMassage Bed


There are many aspects to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Society tends to focus on working out and eating nutritious meals when they promote healthy living. While these factors are extremely important to your well-being, there is something missing: recovery. It is crucial to give your body time to rest, recover, and recharge. Resting involves giving yourself a day of rest every once in a while, but there are ways to help your body recover and recharge while maintaining your workout regiment. Stretching and massages can greatly improve your overall health, specifically the HydroMassage Bed. This bed delivers a massage to help both your physical and mental recovery.

What is it?

The HydroMassage Bed is a device that gives you a full-body massage using pressurized water, while keeping you dry! All you have to do is lie down on a table, wearing whatever attire you wish, and relax as you feel the water pressure go to work. The bed delivers a massage to all sides of your body, and can be adjusted to target problem areas if necessary.

Physical Benefits

The HydroMassage Bed has great use for before or after a workout—you can hop on it before your gym session to warm up your muscles and you can also spend some time on it after you workout to help loosen your muscles and reduce soreness. Since the machine can be adjusted to target specific areas, you can use the HydroMassage Bed to work out knots in your muscles from built up tension or intense exercise. Aside from relieving your body of the aches that come hand in hand with working out, the HydroMassage bed can help ease chronic muscle and joint pain. It can even help increase your blood and lymphatic circulation, as tension in your muscles can actually impair your circulation. This improvement to your circulation system can increase absorption of nutrients and cause your body to release harmful toxins and waste products through the pores.

Holistic Benefits

The technology used in the HydroMassage Bed creates a deeply relaxing experience. With each use, you will find yourself feeling renewed and less stressed. Using HydroMassage therapy can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, digestion problems, and high blood pressure by giving you a time in your day to forget about your daily stresses and focus on relaxing your body and mind.

Where to Find a HydroMassage Bed

HydroMassage Beds are becoming very popular in chiropractic offices, spas, and fitness centers. In fact, you can find a HydroMassage Bed at elements® in Saginaw today! The benefits to using these hydrotherapy beds are immense—and all you have to do is lie down and relax to start reaping these benefits. Visit elements® in Saginaw, or find a HydroMassage Bed near you, to try it out for yourself!