fitness advisory board

elements® is uniquely positioned as a media brand within the fitness and leisure industry. Our clubs are the personal connection, where the brand comes to life…but elements® also features many “touch points” including retail lines featuring product, popular celebrity Brand Ambassadors, and Affiliates.

Our lifestyle team (Fitness Advisory Board) is a well-rounded group of experts working directly in the consumer fields of diet, fitness and lifestyle that is responsible for ensuring the highest quality representation in these forums and individuals. This group includes acclaimed fitness instructors and published authors. Our consumer group helps to direct the programming, class style and activities within the clubs.


Fitness and Vitality Experts

Our experts contribute to some of the top fitness and health magazines, and are award-winning published authors and speakers. They contribute and design some of the great fitness programming and innovative classes that you find exclusively at elements clubs.

Spa and Beauty Experts

Relax! Our spa and beauty team has you covered! Our experts are some of the top names worldwide in beauty, spa, and relaxation, helping to create signature elements® and thinspa® programs such as candlelight yoga or natural slimming massages with
essential oils.

Woman massage with oil

Food and Weight Loss Experts

elements® is more than a gym… it’s a lifestyle! We are actually part of a multi-million dollar family of healthy lifestyle brands, including The BalanceDiet Company, slimberry, and e’co natural products. Our food and weight loss experts will help inspire you to look and feel great from the inside out.


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